Photography: The Definitive Visual History (Tom Ang)

Oct, 2014

Trembling in Awe Face to Face with the Nakedness of the Universe (Translated by Jonathan Chaves)

March, 2012

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery (Washington, D.C.)

May. 31- Aug. 24, 2008

Kim Dot Dammit (Reader)

July 22,2006

Kenzo Oshima (Ambassador of Permanent Mission of Japan to the
United Nations)

Dec 19,2005

Wang Guangya (Ambassador of Permanent Mission of China to the
United Nations)

Dec 19,2005

Kofi Annan (7th Secretary-General of the United Nations)

Dec 19,2005

Acknowledgements and Concerns (Translated by Yukie Takada)

Oct. 2005

Seigo MATSUOKA (Director, Editorial Engineering Laboratory)

May 2005

WU HUNG (Art historian, Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago)

May 2005

Wang, Wusheng (The Interview of the Exhibition of Ganjinwajo)

Aug 03,2000

The Messages from the Audience in Tokyo

Apr-July 2000


Apr 18,2000

Wilfried Seipel (Generaldirector of Kunsthistoreschen Museum Vienna)

Apr 18,2000

Ariane Kiechle (Munchen/ Germany)

Aug 09,1998

Mag. Carl Aigner (General Director of Kunst Halle Krems)

May 19,1998

The Messages from the Audience in Vienna

May - Aug 1998

Wang Wusheng & Tang Jinhai (literary critic)

 Jan 1995

Wang, Wusheng

July 31,1994

Yuan Yiping (Advisor of China Photographers Association)

May 31,1994

Murobushi Tetsuro (Art critic)

 Mar 1993

Higashiyama Kaii (Japanese master painter)

Oct 1988

Watanabe Yoshio (photographer, chairman of Japan’s Photographer’s Association)

Oct 1988

Morimoto Tetsuro (critic, honorary professor of the Tokyo Women’s University)

Oct 1988

Wang Chaowen (art critic and chairman of aesthetics academy of China)

Jun 1981