Kim Dot Dammit (Reader)

July  22  2006

Glimmer of Sansui

I read a few different things while hanging out at the bookstore last night, but my favorite was a collection of Wang Wusheng photographs of the Yellow Mountains in China:

What a beautiful book. What incredible mountains. I love mountains. I need to get myself to some mountains. Big mountains. Big remote beautiful poky mountains. Looking at this book and reading the accompanying text made me feel better inside. Now I。ッm putting the Yellow Mountains on my list of places I。ッd really like to see in my lifetime.

When Bean came back to the bookstore, we looked through the book together. She really loves it too. We。ッre going to go back this weekend and finish looking at it. We liked learning about the Chinese word (shanshui) and Japanese word (sansui) for landscape which combines the Chinese characters for land and water.

Here are some quotes we liked:

To view Sansui is to meet yourself before you were born.

Sansui is a depiction of something beyond time and space whose appearance is yet unformed.

Some on the photos of Wang Wusheng specifically:

The depths of his blacks represent an eastern void and the silence of time.

He photographs the Sansui of absence, Sansui of nothingness, something born from the void.

Beautiful. I love books. I love art. I love art books. Speaking of which, I woke up this morning and found my Gothic Nightmares book arrived.