The Messages from the Audience in Tokyo

April-July 2000

The Messages from the Audience in Tokyo

-Very, very impressive - haven't seen work like this before.       Peter Brenton, Japan

-Wonderful, absolutely so,         - Patricia Webb Glen Iris, Melbourne, Australia,

-Awesome as above, it is as inspiring and beautiful as traditional Japanese ink Paintings but unlike those which are often "imaginary landscapes" it is also beautifully ressuring as Mr. Wusheng's Photographs are of real parts of the world we live in.        Anatole Papafihppou,        Claygote, Esher, Surrey England.

-Overwhelming. Very exiting imagery-such         dynamic contrast. D. Arnold,Tokyo

-Heavenly mountain All mountains alive some of there.         Nakaigawa Myori

-I wash my heart. T.A.

-I was very expressed to see your art, I study ink painting for three years from chinese painter Mr. Zhao Longguang. I love your white and black world like ink painting; I'm very looking forward to seeing your art, in rear future.         Takeuchi Yoko

-Great work! A landscape painting come to life. Amazing to think that these fantastic views existinovr world. I want to go see them. The music is kind of flowery, and does not match your images of stark mountains. How about "Night on Bold Mountain".         Tom Westin

-Looking at your beautiful pictures of mountains, we can feel an inner peace inside.

-Pictures cross all language barriers you do a wonderful job capturing God's handiwork. I am floating now, felling light fluid. Thank you for showing your gift with me. Be blessed.         Genevieve Hicks,Seattle, Washington,USA

-Fantastic use of contrast and size to maximize the impact of your images. The lighting, too makes these enormously powerful. I was interested to see your use of multiple cameras and formats-all fairly mobile, given your need to climb, I guess I was also surprised by your use of zooms- something a lot of fine art photographs seem to shy away rom, but as a fellow admirer of landscape photography, I too ecognize the convenience. Thanks fo r sharing these images good luck!        Sincerely, Jay Parsons, Ohio USA. PS. Do you print these yourself?

-I was rather impressed by your work. You have a magical way of capturing the shear beauty of nature in its most pristine environment. So many of us lose sight of nature's beauty. That surrounds us. We are caught up in our busy lives unable to witness our environment, which is right in front of our faces. Thank you for opening our eyes to these Gorgeous mountains. You make us all wish we could see what you see.        John Gugle , USA

-Very nice! Very Beautiful! The essence of it all reminded me of birth & things of beauty & maturing butterflies & mists of bilk light radiations of subinesive choial splendid it's like painting the sky with stars, I liked it a lot.         Ellena

-I felt an inner peace inside my sol with your spiritual pictures of the celestial mountains. I feel that you should keep showing us the beauteous mornings and evenings of the most aphrodisical symbols ofpeace and understanding I have experienced. Thank you very much.        Sancho del Mayo

-Quand de lit lecrit de Tadd, et Antony, I man Coeur est heuruesement! The pictures make the mind wander the philosophical theories. The thoughts absurd up to the heavens in silent joyful praise! Praises to heaven, forever.        Aine Upnphy

-Good Pictures, I liked it

-I loved the gorgeous photos of the beautiful Japanese mountains and trees. The artist is very talented. I hope he continues to make lovely
pictures of this planet.         Mrs Allenek Daines Idaho USA

-It is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful taste of the art to the Mr. WANG . Thank s a lot. From small country.        Panama,Sissley

-Every Photograph telling a story. Very nice.        RAJA SANMIN

-It put me to sleep.



-What a great impression! I gives the feeling of flying. It is divine!        Rucy

-Ncebcosa quosra cluoare puro dvesa naje jego oobwusero Nvebosleeon It is beautif.         Majgonofo Mazui 。

-I was fortunate enough to be in the gallery alone when I viewed them works. I felt as If I were on a mountain top looking a roll at magnificent vistas. I am reminded of the Northwest of America Oregon and Northern California. I also am remided of Pukanpan National Park in South Korea, where on a misty day, we can imagine that the orban spreal of Aeal does not exist. I can almost hear the chant of Budhist works, the flouing of streams and can ful the mists in my face as I am faneportch out of modern Tokyo back to an age when nature truly mastered man and the only scars on the earth were these htat were inflicted by nature herself.        2000.5.25. Daen A. Epstein, USA

-Amazing stuff. I am deeply inspired and excited. The realms of photography has truly reached new heights. This exhibition leaves me。ュ。ュ
breathless。ュ. Angela How Singapore

-Celestial Mount NO50 looks alike a picture I could walk right into. It feels 3D, probably because of the folded screens. I like NO52 because it looks like those branches in the middle are dancing with eachother. Very surreal and fun! J Mentin

-Nice picture.Thank you.         Mayutsu

-Would be interesting to show of what time each of the photograph has been taken.         Shellen(Ggermany)

-PHANTASTICA!         」ヘ。。」ナ」メ」ヤ」テ

-Stille, Ruhe-ausruheu-euiatueu Aupublicke suies Wbens festhalteu iiu Bild. Gs fut gut iu。ュ

-Beautiful work.         Kerny Howath

-Wang Wusheng Apreciar a sug fotographia el como viagar no nunay de sunue dos..

-Mr. Wang Wusheng I come from Bangladesh I am very pleased to obserbation (looking 9 your exhibition picture, and any body can understand looking the world is very interesting and beautiful looking your picture. Thank you very much. UTTOM BARUA MAHAMUNI        RAOZAN CHITTAGONG, BANGLADESH

-I am just a beginner in photography.I have been trying to take a lot of black & white photos. It is amazing! I love it! Congratulations!! The place that you chose is fantastic! Very nice job!!         Patei cig lako BRAZIL

-One of the most beautiful exhibitions I have seen in a long time . Very powerful work and at the same time soothing. Reminescent of Chinese landscape painting.         Quardarlunpure

-Thank you for your inspiration and unimaginable beauty. The mountains have filled me with a magical wonder and an amazing peace. I feel as though I am flying above the clouds deciding where I should rest. Thank you,         Yud Lueece

-Transported back in time to the oldest most detailed scrolls, the artist is a true re-incornate master. Such breathtaking portraits of
Mother earth, scene and original phrouded in her mystery. Thank you for the lovely people of Japan for this display,         Lien & john R

-Atraves das gotos eauheceus outro lado da beleza Explaudias! Sera un da dves peouvel seutiudo un momento da profundo arte de foto.
         Parabien ao Preffesor Tokyo Carlo Ebudin Brazil

-I am an amateur photographer (hobby). I specialize in children. I am captured by the work of WANG Wusheng. This work of the evidence
of patience and sensitivity. I after enjoy the work of Ansel Adams and see two artists. I expect WANG will become internationally famous also.      Dorthy Ott Pittsbugh, Pennsylvania

-Wonderful exhibition! I wish I could introduce to Brazilian people.        Pecillia Suzuki Ran San Paulo , Brazil

-It is truly amazing to see which has been captured using black, white and an amazing number of shades in between. Truly unforgettable.        Jeffa Bai Herdy Tokyo Palo Alta, CA

-So beautiful they make me want to fall asleep and "melt" right here, in this place! Thank you for these cool & soothing photos. It was a
wonderful experience for me.。。     Kibata Yoko

-Dear Mr. Wang Thank you for the invitation to view your work. All are magnificent. I cannot tell which is better than others. I habve been to Mt Huanesan once and these pictures remind me of a few memory. Thank you again.         Pisan Manaurapat Thai Embassy-Tokyo

-Why are the images so Big? No need. Everything needs to be big. Big is not better, beautiful images, but the gallery scene has gotten        ya. 」フ」チ。「」テ」チ。。」ユ」モ」チ

-Himmelsberge: Lehr beindruckt!         Vien Dank, M.Kagami

-Hello I am here visiting from America. What a wonderful "eye" you have. I love black and white photography!! How marvelous what you have captured. As I fly home I think of these photos as we float above the clouds.         Cyndi

-I begin my "Tokyo Art Adventure" here. What a wonderful new photography experience for me. I will share your work with my art friends
in Buffalo, New York. So oriental and other- worldly.         Barbara

-"Jerdes foto ist wuundeol!!" Ich kouuhe mich fost widit gatseheu dasau! Himmelsberge-himmbisch!         Rita


-Beautiful, Excellent and marvelous photography. Enjoyed this exhibition very much. With Best Wishes,        Wong

-Dear Mr. Wang Wusheng,

I just arrived home after seeing your wonderful exhibit and having had the great honor of meeting you at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of
Photography . I am elated. You asked me to write my "American" impressions of the show and I felt it best to write sooner rather than later.

When I walked into the first room I actually said, "Wow" out loud. However, I was quickly silenced by the powerful beauty all around me. I wanted to cry. I needed to sit. Absolutely, you have captured the mystical essence of life in these photographs. They are so still and yet so dynamic and above all they are timeless. For the short time that I was there, I was able to remember what is true and what truly inspires the human soul.

And of course, as I mentioned, I loved your New York vision and the contrast between the cityscape and the primordial rocks. I was amazed
to hear that it was near by the Brooklyn Bridge--I will go see them for myself when next in New York City!

Thank you so very much for your time today and for creating such truly majestical yet graceful works of art for all the world to see.

Warm Regards,        Dara Inoue