The Messages from the Audience in Vienna

May ィC August 1998

The Messages from the Audience in Vienna

-"a quite different China!"

- "and it (art) really stirs us !"

- "The photography looks like painted pictures"

- "fascinating, overwhelming, impressive, stunning, magnificent, soul shaking, great, glorious, dreamlike beauty!"

- "deeply moved! Calligraphy of Gods!"

- "this brightness and calmness!"

- "totally absorbed, charmed, bewitched!"

- "moments of eternity, photographed as if painted.Eternity drifts slowly, softly, yet irresistibly ceaselessly flows through our daily chores and hectic lives"

- "these pictures help me dream"

- "A journey of exploration of the innermost self"

-"overwhelmed by so much serenity, beauty and brightness"

- "the dream goes on "

- "one of the most beautiful exhibitions I have ever seen"

- "the pictures create aspiration, calmness and hope"

- "a real refreshment in this crazy time of ours!"

- "a wonderful discovery!"

- "these photos help me to understand the philosophy of Taoism"

- "totally super mystic! All somehow, as if one is looking for the sense of life"

- "cool!"

- "such an exhibition stimulates me to create poems!"

- "The <Qi>("spirit") of the mountains fill the entire exhibition halls. It makes me quiet and breathe more freely. A push of energy, which gives new impulses and activates my power. Wow! Nevertheless: an air-condition would be a hit!" (it was about 30 degrees C outside...!)

- "Today I've come here, because I didn't like to go to school. But it is so wonderful here! I have been influenced by all that so. Many photos are exposed here. And I am a human being and walk around enjoying them. This is eternal!"

- "Entering the exhibition, I felt as if entering a sanctuary. I had difficulties to go from one picture to the other, each of them compelling such a strong feeling of harmony, you had no desire to move on, and finally, when I left it, I felt like after an hour of meditation. I wish it could be possible more often to combine modern civilization with ancient philosophy as you managed so perfectly well with your art."

- "You have afforded me a better appreciation of the beauty and peaceful influence of Chinese landscape. You made me quite cheerful today!"

- "never seen something beautiful like that! - a photographer of 76"