Wang Chaowen
(art critic and chairman of aesthetics academy of China)

          Jun  1981

        "Neither the logical thinking required by physics hamper his way of looking upon life with the eye of an artist, nor the formulaic artistic ideological trends during the Cultural Revolution stifle his eagerness to observe the beauty of objective reality. He said he began to photograph Mt. Huangshan in 1974, and was fascinated and shocked by the mountain's changeable charm. He said he once indulged in the peaks covered with pines rising higher and higher. Risking falling, he climbed the jagged mountain peaks, navigated through weathered pines and reached almost unattainable precipices to shoot the vigorious young trees. He seems like he has the makings of a poet and this quality will enable him to take more new and beautiful landscape photographs on Mt. Huangshan in the future. The charm of Mt. Huangshan that he hasn't yet felt or found will, when he discovers it, act on his development as a poet."

            -Preface: "Careless Attention," which originally appeared in Dadi Magazine, under the People's
                                                                                                  Daily Publishing House, June 1981
              Huangshan Mountain-Photo Album. by Wang Wusheng, Published by Beijing People's Art
                                                                                                                  Publishing House, 1981