Higashiyama Kaii (Japanese master painter)

          Oct   1988

           "When Chinese photographer Wang Wusheng was about to publish his heart-and-soul photo album of Mt. Huangshan, he showed me part of his photographs and asked me to write a preface to go with the album. After looking at them carefully, I feel that the pictures are filled with the lofty liveliness of Mt. Huangshan. The black and white photos offer a profound, lingering charm which can be traced to traditional Chinese water-ink paintings. I was deeply touched by the author's perseverance and the dynamics of the picture."

                                -Preface " Lofty of Huangshan Mountain," for the photographic book, Huangshan
                                                  Huanyou, by Wang Wusheng, published by Kodansha, 1988, Japan